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Are you supposed to be able to go to other planets somehow?

You can buy the mars in the game for 20k right noch, I am currently working on 2 other planets, I couldnt get updates going in the last few weeks because I had a surgery.

i think it would be nice if the upgrades stated what they do ( like how the spawn time changes and etc ) and if the satellites didnt just spawn in a random spot and had fixed locations or if you could perhaps control where they are placed

theres so much potential here, and u already have the basics down and working properly, no glitches that i could find, ran smooth, just needs More!! u could have individual rocket upgrades, different planets etc..

Thank you so much! Thats exactly what I wanted to do with this game!

Nice start to an idle game, to me it feels like a prequel to spaceplan :D, which would be sweet, love space idle games, keep it up!!

Thank you!

My first game on itch... Accidently upploaded developer version, big oof